Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where am i?


            Nebraska. The home of the Great Cornhuskers. In a state where professional athletics is zero, this makes Husker Football that much bigger. Everyone in the state comes to a common place, Memorial Stadium, every Saturday the Husker’s are in town. Memorial Stadium itself becomes the third largest city in Nebraska on that given Saturday. The fans have two rules to go by. Wear red and be loud! Nebraska is much more than just a football team. Nebraska is home to some of the craziest weather around. Any one in Nebraska will agree that the summers are too hot and the winters are too darn cold. Growing up in Nebraska for 18 years, I still couldn't tell you what tomorrow will bring with Mother Nature.



            Aurora, Nebraska. A town that I am lucky to have grown up in. The people are so welcoming to new families and support you when you need it most. With a little over 4000 people, it's hard to go anywhere you don't see someone you know. The Aurora community is so special because of the close knit relationships you develop with people you never would have thought of. That being said this is great place to raise a young family. Many of the families in Aurora are here to stay. The biggest reason for this is where Aurora is located. Aurora is dominated by agriculture. Driving a mile any direction out of Aurora you will see corn fields for miles on end. On the flip side, our community is driven by local businesses. Driving around the square, you don't have to go very far to see what our community has to offer. Yes, kids can have fun in small town Nebraska. Aurora does have some hang out spots for teens. Two of the better ones are located on the northwest side of the square. The 12st Cinema (yes a movie theatre) and the Youth Center are run by all volunteers. As a city, Aurora has been pumping money into their city parks. Strides have been made here and shown most definitely.  



            Aurora High School. The home of the Huskies. Aurora is known around the state for their athletics, but an athlete must first always be a student. Aurora's students are always near the top of the state with our ACT scores. Academics are where they are at because of the teachers and administration the students have before them. Students, me included take our teachers jobs for granted. Not only are we there Monday through Friday, but the teachers are there by our side helping us along any way they can. After academics come sports in Aurora. Once you step on the field or court against an Aurora team, you know you're in for a dog fight. Being a three sport athlete through my high school career, I know there is one thing I wish I could have always been a part of. The Aurora student section or Dog Pound. The support the students give to the athletes on the field or court never goes unnoticed in my eyes. The chants and yells always clean (hahaha) from the section will always be cemented in my head. Although many of my memories will be remembered on the court or field, some of my best ones come from the student section with my friends.



            How many people can say they have grown up in a mortuary? ...Yeah, many people may get the wrong idea when hearing that question, but that has been part of my upbringing. Since moving to Aurora in 2000, I have called Higby-McQuiston Mortuary home. When I was younger I was always afraid that none of my friends would want to come over because of where I lived. This turned out to be partly true through my younger years. My best friend, Cole Ashby, couldn't stay the night at my house until 7th grade. Looking back, I still can remember countless nights where he thought he had build up enough courage to stay the night, but ended with him calling his parents every time! I understand now that everyone handles the "other half" of my house differently, so I never forced my friends into anything. By growing up in a mortuary it has taught countless life lessons and has put me in situations that have made me understand everything in life happens for a reason. A perfect example of this life lesson is Jacob Peters. He didn't deserve to go, but it was his time and he was ready. After hearing he had passed, Gary told my parents the next day, "That Jacob is only staying the night at Ben's house, and he won't be alone." Situations like this make my home so special. I never have to go far to see how blessed I really am.



  1. Oh, Ben. So few students can write that last paragraph. It just made me smile. :) My sister-in-law's school mate grew up in a mortuary, too, and she, too, had a different perspective on life. Your attitude reminds me of the movie, _My Girl_. I love that movie. Thanks for your fresh perspective on Jacob, too. I know tomorrow would be his birthday. A tough day for his classmates, I'm sure.

    Dr. English

  2. I was never scared of the "other half" of the house. Except for the creeping thing that lifts the caskets up to the next level. And the little caskets for kids. Those are not okay with me. I never have gotten to go in the "white room" before, we still need to accomplish that here in the near future. Every time I've tried there's been somebody in there, not trying to actually see a body here. Besides that, nice post!! So proud of you! :P

  3. I really like how you described Nebraska and Husker football! So good. I also liked how you described our community and school and how they have helped you throughout your life! The paragraph about where you live was also well written, I liked how you put in what Gary said. Good Work Buddy.

  4. Nice job Benjamin. :) I was never scared to spend the night at your house by the way, I figured if one of them "rose from the dead" we would be able to fight him off. Like Cassidy said, the only thing I was scared of was the thing that lifts the caskets. Also, I enjoyed how you described Aurora's athletics. Once you step on the court or field with us, it is going to be a dogfight! Keep writing stud muffin!