Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Purpose?

          What could possibly be my purpose in life? A number of things jump to the front of my mind as I think. Many of these are there for a rhyme or reason but others have just stuck with me. Some days I wish I could just be told my future. But, that isn’t how life works. I’ve learned that the little things in life turn out to be the biggest differences. Once a person understands that, they can have a better understanding of themselves and their purpose.
            People’s lives change as time goes on, but at the moment everyone has a purpose. One of my current purposes is to be a student-athlete. Being a student-athlete has taught countless lessons of life. It has taught me discipline, responsibility, and time management. Time management sticks out to me. Now that I’m finally a senior, it has taught me that you can never waste a minute because there are always deadlines to be meeting and studying to be done. As an athlete, my purpose is to be a leader. I firmly believe actions speak louder than words. So as a leader, I lead by example because I know if they see me doing it they will follow in return. Although there is always times to speak up its key to always know your surroundings. Another purpose in my life right now is to be a brother. I know that I will always be there for my sister, Laura. Growing up she was always there to fall back to ask anything. It could have been as easy as the capital of New York, or as tough as where do babies come from? I may have been too scared to ask that second question to her then, but it sounded good at the time. She was always there for me, now it’s my turn to be there for her anytime.

            A sure purpose in my life I know is to further my education after high school. “Where do you want to go to college?” My answer now is the same as it was this time last year…. I honestly don’t know. Although I have narrowed it down, I feel myself seconding guessing my decision every time I think I know. Even though the list has been trimmed down to three schools, I’m still very undecided (University of Lincoln, Creighton, University of Omaha). “What will you major in?” I know I will either enter college as a nursing or business major. “How could you not know between those two?” Well I like nursing because it caught my eye as a family friend described his job as a nurse anesthetist. On the flip side, the business world could lead me anywhere. I sort of like that feeling of not knowing always knowing where you will end up. Either way, I know I’ll choose something I will love to do.

            After looking at the schools I’ve narrowed my college choices down to, I’ve came to one conclusion. I see myself living in an urban setting as life carries on. I have loved growing up in Aurora don’t get me wrong. Aurora is great community to raise a family. The entire community is unified as one and I love that but something about the big city setting has me. Whether it is for my future job or wife, I see myself moving away from Aurora. Maybe I have just lived on the television too much and watched the wrong shows. Listening to my parents talk about their short life in Dallas, Texas, makes me want to experience it for myself. I know that my purpose in life will provide for my family in the future.

            So what is my purpose in life? I believe that each purpose I discover along the way will lead me directly to my next one. Some people see their purpose in life to make as much money as they can. Great. No dollar in a bank account will ever define my purpose in life. Many others see it as owning the nicest tangibles. Life has taught me that physical things are only around for so long. People are always one upping each other. This is why the things never first thought of like relationships can mean the most to people. For my life to be purposeful, I need to be happy and make others around feel it to. With that being said, I have many choices to make some easy, but many worth sitting down and thinking about.

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  1. Ben, it's such a good thing that you realize at such a young age, that our physical life is really quite brief and that each of us has a purpose and that purpose can change a number of times, but the main thing is that we realize having a purpose or direction in life is what makes it all worth it! And by the way, I can totally see you in a big city!